A Brief Introduction to Trauma Informed Care

Dr. Stephanie Grant, PhD, LPC, IMH-E® will offer an overview of how childhood stress and trauma can change a child's brain and body. She will examine how such changes result in differences in how the child reacts to stress, in how they respond to their environment, and in what they may need from their environment to be successful. She will also highlight why traditional caregiving strategies may be ineffective for such children.

Dr. Stephanie Grant, PhD, LPC, IMH-E®

tephanie Grant photo Dr. Grant is a proud biological, adoptive, and foster mother of three (+) and Director of the REACH Parent-Child Program & Trauma Informed Communities at Developmental Enhancement Behavioral Health (DE); Dr. Grant promises to be an exemplary keynote speaker to inspire hundreds of professionals, parents, and caregivers at the 37th Annual Challenge of Children Conference. Dr. Grant loves her work. It is not just what she does, it is a part of who she is. Whether it's working with kids and their families, teaching college students, or providing trainings to adults, she looks forward to it. Dr. Grant's clinical work has been with children & their families. Her focus areas are on infant mental health and children who have experienced trauma, particularly trauma associated with foster care and adoption. Before coming to DE, Dr. Grant managed a private therapy practice, worked as a therapist at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, and served in a full-time faculty position in the Psychology Department at Southern Nazarene University. Dr. Grant has graduate degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, and Lifespan, Developmental Psychology and research experience in areas such as attachment, neurodevelopment, infant development, stress, and parent-child interactions. Dr. Grant is currently an adjunct professor at Hope College and provides a variety of trainings on topics such as trauma and infant mental health.

Hope College Campus

Challenge of Children is a free, one day conference for parents and caregivers held each year in May. The conference is dedicated to informing, educating, motivating, and offering support and networking on child development, child guidance, and other issues related to parenting.

The very first Challenge of Children Conference was held in 1982. The conference continues to draw over a thousand parents and caregivers annually from West Michigan and throughout the state. May 16, 2019 is the 37th anniversary of the Challenge of Children Conference. What is more important is that over 30,000 parents and caregivers have bettered themselves for the children whose lives they touch.